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 Type of photoshoot 

for apparel.

Important part of catalogues are the photos used to visually display the product and its features. This lets potential customers to see what the product looks like and gaining customers trustworthy and more interest with your product.

The classic of catalogue shoot is white background with new state of the art now adays we do have various type of color and style for catalogue shoot.

Is a way of approaching more to advertising and takes your product to a new level of branding, This type of shooting can really help you gain more client interest to your products.

This type of shoot mostly suitable for advertising purpose such as billboard, poster and also for any type of ads.

Apparel photoshoot such as - Top, Pants, Blouse, & T-Shirt


start from RM360

  • Studio A

  • Senior photographer

  • Basic editing

  • Advanced quality

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