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 Type of photoshoot 

for portrait

This type of shoot is to present your company image and identity.  The most used for this type of shoot are company profile, company website, and team/staff identity. 

With this good company image and identity on your presentation make client or investor more confident and trust with your product / service.

Service/brand that no actual product can use portraits to represent your product. Create an eye-contact and emotion to your customer feelings to increase interest to your services/brand. 

Besides model, you also can use ambassador for your service/brand depends on your target market, with ambassador contract can give a big impact to your marketing planning and sales.

Is a way of approaching of your self to employer/client/company with different creativity. Giving more confidential to yourself and more outstanding than others.

This type of shoot mostly suitable for personal used/resume and portfolio.

Portrait photoshoot such as - Corporate, Personal or Grouping


start from RM360 

  • Studio B

  • Junior photographer

  • Standard quality


start from RM760

  • Studio A

  • Senior photographer

  • Editing

  • Advanced quality


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